Art Bully Training Center – 3D Game Art – Online Course is divided into 3 sections:

1.High Poly Section

Consist of 19 Lessons,
followed up by 19 Practice sessions

2.Low Poly Section

Consist of 12 Lessons,
followed up by 12 Practice sessions

3.Texturing Session

Consist of 12 Lessons,
followed up by 12 Practice sessions
The price for the entire course (all 3 above-mentioned sections) is
US$ 1,350
If you purchase the entire course,
you will get 6 bonus lessons covering LODs, Rendering and Mid-Poly Workflow.
You can purchase individual sections; the price for each individual session is
US$ 500
(Individual coursed can be purchased starting with the high poly section )

After payment, you can access the course(s) by clicking on “Start Learning” on the Thank You page that appears after the purchase, or you can always return to this page, click on “Start Learning,” log in, and access the course(s).

After you complete the course, you should have 5 fully finished, AAA standard, portfolio works.

Once you purchase the whole course, or one of the sections, you will unlock the first lesson of the course, and the first practice session. Once you complete the first lesson, and the first practice session, your work will be slotted for an online check-in with one of our online tutors. Within the next 24 hours you will get approval, and the feedback, so you can move on. The response time will usually be prompt, but it could vary depending on your location and the time zone but should never exceed 24 hours reply time.

With the approval the next lesson, and the next practice session will be automatically unlocked, and you will be able to move on onto the next one. This is how the progress will look like for the remainder of the course.

•The lessons are pre-recorded, they are not live sessions.
You can watch them at your own desired time, and you can proceed at your preferred pace.

•Your designated mentor will follow you throughout the whole course.
He will be there for you to answer all the questions that you might have regarding the lessons and the practice tasks.


•Every day for the daily chat over Discord

•Two times per week for the video call consultation over Discord

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out office@artbully-school.com.
We will be more than happy to schedule a live online info session over Discord.