Art Bully Training Center

Art Bully Training center trains candidates who want to begin or improve their careers in the gaming industry. Our courses are based on the latest standards and our teachers are employees of Art Bully Productions so they have years of experience in making the most popular AAA games.

Courses are designed to instruct candidates how to use all the tools necessary for the gaming industry. Through constant feedback, candidates will learn how to take their work to the highest level of quality, in preparation for industry leading client expectations. Considering Art Bully Productions works with the most distinguished and most demanding clients, our courses will teach you how to respond to their needs with confidence.

Classes are held on school premises, located at Art Bully Productions offices. We keep groups small so we can provide maximum attention to each candidate. Candidates receive teacher’s contact information so they can message them when they have any questions about homework.


We also provide internship and job positions to the best candidates.

Projects Art Bully Productions have proudly contributed to:
Frequently asked questions

You can apply for the course on the contact page, fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.
When we contact you, we will present you the concept of the course in more detail and check with you if it is what you are really interested in.
Important note: If a larger number of participants apply than planned for the group, Art Bully Training Center selects the candidates who will be able to attend.

It is possible to pay in monthly installments!
If the course you are interested in lasts 3 months, you can pay it in 3 monthly installments. If the course lasts 4 months, you can pay it in 4 installments, etc…

There is no need to bring a laptop, in our premises we have a computer for each participant, but you need to have a computer at home on which you can practice additionally.

The idea behind our courses is for Art Bully to get new employees. However, it is not something that we can promise and provide to every student.
After completing the course, a few of the best candidates will have the opportunity to get an internship for 2 months, after which they will get a junior position.